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Environmental organization - How to get fundings

Road To Forest Valley Podcast

Published on 2021-12-22

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Filippo Zibordi talks about Environmental Grants, a platform that supports professionals of environmental management and conservation to navigate the funding process.

A new green finance tool for conservation

Environmental Grants is a free online database launched to help conservationists find funding, enhance their skills and network.

Three environmental fundraising enthusiasts from different corners of Europe join forces to help individuals and organisations fund their conservation project ideas all over the world via www.environmentalgrants.org

Despite the imperative urgency of safeguarding the world’s biodiversity, up to date a targeted thematic blog on this subject, fully searchable, providing an overview on foundations, international organisations, private and public sector opportunities, has been missing. Conservationists often lack the time and competencies to identify and access suitable funding sources – which sometimes remain underexploited.
Based on this need, Erica Roggio, Anne Broeksma and Filippo Zibordi have started surveying donor websites, preparing structured, concise yet complete and easily understandable profiles, and will continue expanding this free database for the benefit of non experts.
Each technical fiche summarises the type of grants offered by a donor and contains key information about applicant and project requirements, insights on the application procedure as well as on the award: a useful tool to quickly grab the potential for the applicant and grant maker’s interests to match and begin monitoring future calls.
Capacity building materials and events offered by partner organisations are also available on the platform, which has the ambition to become a hub for experts who may want to join the team and draft articles to showcase their profile and further advise conservationists looking for specific support. 

“EnvironmentalGrants.org is meant to grow into a network of professionals, sharing their skills and knowledge to enable conservationists excel in what they do best: protecting the environment and wildlife”, says Anne Broeksma.

Grant makers are also invited to contribute and update their profiles via a dedicated form.



About the author

Filippo Zibordi

Co-founder of Environmental Grants

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