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Are you a startup in climate innovation?

Get your solution matched with who needs it.

What you will get

Apply to get connected with new opportunities through the

Sandbox program

The applicants of the Batch#1 / 2022 will get a package of education + connections + visibility through several activities.


get matched

with clients, investors, public administrators.

1. Practical preparation

Get prepared for a successful matching with 8h of class workshops + up-to 2h one-to-one session

  • 2h workshop on "Business model and sales offering design"
  • 2h workshop on "Communicating sustainability"
  • 2h workshop on "The Investors Pitch Deck"
  • 2h workshop on "The Sales Pitch Deck"
  • 2h one-to-one session to review the decks

2. Demo day

The selected start-ups will meet investors and clients - March 2022

  • Access to investors demo-day with European VC in climate innovation
  • Access to corporate demo-day with selection of corporate clients in need for climate transition

get your voice heard

reach new people and learn from other peers.

3. Visibility pack:

Get discovered by sharing the value of your offering

  • Interview on the Road To Forest Valley Podcast + the article on our editorial
  • Presence on social media channels (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) - with free post boosting
  • Public profile (SEO optimized) on our website, powered by 3 months of free Google ads search campaigns

get connected

with who could be your next partner in climate innovation.

4. Early access to FV Sandbox Platform beta

We are building a digital tool we plan to release in Spring 2022 that will include:

  • Startup profile with offering, tailored for getting found by corporate clients.
  • Access to a selection of news, researches and opportunities in climate innovation.
  • Access to free posting of job positions for climate innovators.
  • Access to the international network of FV (i.e. partners, stakeholders, etc.).

Ready to join the sandbox program?

Register now for free to get matched with investors and clients.

You will be redirect to an application form to complete your application for the Sandbox program. It will take about 12 minutes to complete the application. After you complete the application, you'll hear from us in less than 58 hours.

“Thanks to Forest Valley we had the chance to meet 2 new investors which opened us the doors to new markets.”


Ready to join the sandbox program?

Register now for free to get matched with investors and clients.

Start the application

You will be redirect to an application form to complete your application for the Sandbox program. It will take about 12 minutes to complete the application. After you complete the application, you'll hear from us in less than 58 hours.

Join an active and committed community of innovators in the climate space

We let startups and innovators speak about their solutions and approaches to most urgent issues. Get inspired and bring your own story!

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corporate sustainability

The GOOD In TOWN 2021-11-12

The sustainability report in a nutshell

Although being compulsory only for certain business typologies, sustainability reporting is becoming more and more widespread among companies as a means to inform their stakeholders about their environmental impact and CSR activities. Indeed, a sustainability implementation report allows consumers to learn more about brands and companies’ behaviours, communicating a business’ transparency, honesty, and responsibility. Find out what sustainability reporting is and why is it important for any kind of company.

business ethics
circular economy

Robert Gierke 2022-01-05

The method to transform your business purpose into a more sustainable and greener one

Rob Gierke and Purenessity: a consulting company that helps the process of building brands or their transition to a greener purpose. In the role of judge, there is the youngest generation: they expect companies absolute transparency and to make a significant contribution towards achieving a greater ethical goal.

sustainable fashion

CIKIS 2021-11-05

Fashion and sustainability: awareness and challenges among Italian fashion businesses

The pandemic and the alarming climate change triggered the re-evaluation of companies’ priorities, leaving increasing space for sustainability. This Report focuses on fashion industry challenges with regards to the sustainability transition process, aiming at helping companies – which have already reached a considerable level of awareness – to understand how to preserve their competitiveness.

We are together on a mission to bridge the scattered space of climate innovation through tech and innovation.

We are a non-profit company, a network of professionals - entrepreneurs, investors, venture builders, designers and policy makers - coming from many different industries with global mindset.

By building a digital database of emerging solutions, our role is bridge and match the most relevant connections.

Celeste Righi Ricco

Enzo Savelli

Massimiliano Tiana


In the Sandbox program we support startups with B2B solutions in climate sustainability and innovation (including physical and digital products and services). We will be able to help startups from prototype to production stage. If you are already selling your product/service, more than welcomed!

Each startup is asked to fill in a form. These data will be used internally to create a profile of the offer, which will constitute the basis for the matchmaking.

For selected startups we are 100% free. We will charge only when a match has been concluded. We will charge a 5% fee on investments and grants received thanks to the program, and a 10% fee on the contracts closed with clients matched through the program.

We promote and support each member in our network in several fashion: by supporting the communication of their projects and expertise though our communication engine; by involving them in new projects where their competence is key; by offering access to our courses on circular economy, climate innovation, sustainable finance, etc.. and with early invitation to the Sandbox Platform Beta (which will be launched on March 2022). Being in the ecosystem makes you closer to a community of people dedicated to the same cause, but on different paths, meaning you can always enrich yourself learning from peers. Moreover, the matchmaking process will make it easier for your projects to reach the right partners/clients.

Are you ready to join the Sandbox program?

Apply now

Are you an investor, company or public administration?

We can help you scout and discover exciting startups and solutions in climate innovation to invest in or work with! Did we just say - win-win?

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