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>>> For Climate Impact Startups

Get your solution matched with who needs it.

Apply and join the SANDBOX Program for free.


Get matched with new opportunities through the Sandbox Program, get a package of education, connections and visibility along several activities.

What you will learn

  • Improve your Business and Pricing Models
  • Sustainability communication skills
  • Sales Pitch for potential clients
  • Investor Pitch for VCs meetings

What you will achieve

  • Expand your network in the cleantech industry and green oriented companies
  • Improved market positioning and competitive advantage
  • Access to funds from investors interested in sustainability and green startups
  • Business opportunities and collaborations for growth

What you will do, in a nutshell

  • Training: 4 workshops about Business models, Communication of Sustainability Impact, Sales Pitch, and Investors Pitch
  • Connections: You will meet European Impact VCs and Corporates in need of investing in the climate transition
  • Visibility: We will spread your voice and present your solution throughout our European network
What to expect after application

Every year we open 4 Batches (sessions), and you will have access to 1 of them. According with your registration and number of participants we will grant you a position in our 2° Batch of Sandbox Program for free.

  • 2h workshop on "Business model and sales offering design"
  • 2h workshop on "Communicating sustainability"
  • 2h workshop on "The Investors Pitch Deck"
  • 2h workshop on "The Sales Pitch Deck"
  • 2h one-to-one session to review the decks
  • Access to investors demo-day with European VC in climate innovation
  • Access to corporate demo-day with selection of corporate clients in need for climate transition
  • Interview on the Road To Forest Valley Podcast + the article on our editorial
  • Presence on social media channels (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) - with free post boosting
  • Public profile (SEO optimized) on FV website, powered by 3 months of free Google ads search campaigns
  • Startup profile tailored for getting found by corporate clients.
  • Access to a selection of news, researches and opportunities in climate innovation.
  • Access to free posting of job positions for climate innovators.
  • Access to the international network of FV.

Ready to join the sandbox program?

Register now for free and access to our 3° Batch of Sandbox Program to get matched with investors and clients.

Remember you have time to submit your Application for the 3° Batch until the 26th August.

Apply here

By submitting your application, you will be redirect to a form you will need to complete to access the Sandbox Program.
It should take about 20 minutes to complete the application. After you complete the application, you'll receive a confirmation in few hours.


    With the Sandbox Program we support startups with B2B solutions in climate sustainability and innovation (including physical and digital products and services). Every batch will include different verticals, so we are open to startups operating in any industry. We will be able to help startups from prototype to production stage. If you are already selling your product/service, more than welcomed!

    Each startup is asked to fill in the application form. These data will be used internally to create a profile of the offer, which will constitute the basis for the matchmaking with relevant stakeholders.

    For selected startups we are 100% free. We will charge only when a match has been concluded. We will charge a 5% fee on investments and grants received thanks to the program, and a variable fee, agreed between the parties, on the contracts closed with clients matched through the program.

    We promote and support each member in our network in several fashion: by supporting the communication of their projects and expertise though our communication engine; by involving them in new projects where their competence is key; by offering access to our courses on circular economy, climate innovation, sustainable finance, etc.. and with early free access to the Sandbox Platform Beta that will facilitate finding the right partners also after the Sanbox Program is over (it will be launched by the end of 2022).
    Being in the ecosystem makes you closer to a community of people dedicated to the same cause, but on different paths, meaning you can always enrich yourself learning from peers. Moreover, the matchmaking process will make it easier for your projects to reach the right partners/clients.

What they say about us

  • the sandbox program was a good opportunity to improve our presentation
    Greentech Innovators
  • Really useful and interesting, it improves your potential and changes your point of view about your project
  • The best thing is seeing the impact that innovation brings to climate change and the selection of startups at the demo day was very valuable.

Our investors

Experienced professors and Trainers

Paolo Meola

Paolo Meola

Is one of the promoters and founder of Forest Valley Institute. Co-founder and Partner of one of the main digital marketing agency in Italy. Paolo has a background in digital marketing and digital transformation.

Alice Casiraghi

Alice Casiraghi

Circular economy specialist, UX, and systems designer, is co-founder of Future Urban Living, a circular strategy company helping decision makers transition towards regenerative business by design.

Serena Moro

Serena Moro

Founder and Sustainability Consultant with a focus on the fashion sector in Cikis. It has a proprietary fashion-specific framework and guides companies from strategy to implementation.

Massimiliano Tiana

Massimiliano Tiana

C-level professional, with deep Consulting, Retail and M&A background: experience in change management and turnaround, in large multinational companies, private equity owned firms, and family corporations.

Chiara Orlandini

Chiara Orlandini

Lawyer with a double law degree acquired in Italy and France. Senior policy expert, with ten years’ experience working in EU internal market, economic strategy, international trade and financial regulation at EU institutions.

Forest Valley mission

We bring founders, scientists, corporates and public authorities together from all over the world to match ideas with action, connections to collaboration and problems to solutions.

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