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>>> Seminar for Designers, Marketing and Product Managers and Professionals in Fashion Industry

Make your Fashion Company sustainable for real

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6th July (h 11 UAE / 9 CEST)
in partnership with

Reserve your 90 minutes of digital training with italian experts in the international Fashion Industry about new sustainability approaches.

What you will learn

  • How to implement sustainability in Fashion
  • How to communicate your efforts
  • Sustainability Practices for your business
  • Insights from Fashion sustainability experts

What you will gain

  • Quickly adapt to market changes and include sustainability in your decision making to better respond to consumers' demand
  • Learn from Italian Fashion sustainability experts working in a Country where companies have been working on sustainability since decades
  • Get a framework to implement the most effective sustainability practices
  • Get a framework on how to communicate effectively
  • Discover a practical case study from a leading European brand


Fashion sustainability fundamentals
  • the environmental impact of the fashion sector and the key priorities for fashion companies
  • practical solutions: materials
  • practical solutions: supply chain
  • practical solutions: products' end-of-life
How to communicate sustainability effectively
  • Why it is important to correctly communicate sustainability
  • Best practices to communicate sustainability
  • False myths

Who is cikis

  • Cikis is specialised in fashion sustainability consultancy.
  • We help companies to define strategic sustainability objectives and design an operational plan to achieve them, supporting them step by step in the practical implementation.
  • For us at Cikis, sustainability is the path that leads to the creation of profit. Towards the practical, intellectual and moral benefit of those who participate in the development of a company that will resist time and the demands of future generations.
We've worked for

Have a taste of our Webinar on defining and communicating sustainability goals.

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