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business ethics

Thorsten Harstall 2021-12-29

How apply ethics to a sustainable business innovation

The question "How to apply ethics to sustainable business innovation?" was the starting point for Thorsten Harstall, who gave us a presentation on how ethics can be applied to different types of business strategies both for start-ups and established companies, and some useful tips on how to start a journey towards sustainable ethics.

sustainable finance

Filippo Zibordi 2021-12-22

Environmental organization - How to get fundings

Filippo Zibordi talks about Environmental Grants, a platform that supports professionals of environmental management and conservation to navigate the funding process.

sustainable constructions

Katerina Dimova 2021-12-16

Shaping the future of constructions: rice for architecture

Katerina Dimova is Architect and Project Manager in Ricehouse, a startup born in Italy, that tackles the impact of the construction industry by creating new sustainable building materials from rice wastes.

corporate sustainability

The GOOD In TOWN 2021-11-12

The sustainability report in a nutshell

Although being compulsory only for certain business typologies, sustainability reporting is becoming more and more widespread among companies as a means to inform their stakeholders about their environmental impact and CSR activities. Indeed, a sustainability implementation report allows consumers to learn more about brands and companies’ behaviours, communicating a business’ transparency, honesty, and responsibility. Find out what sustainability reporting is and why is it important for any kind of company.

business model innovation

Fabian Takacs 2021-11-09

Business model innovation: the 4 steps to build a circular product offering

Fabian Takacs examines the concept of circular economy with a focus on business model innovation and ecosystems. Small and medium enterprises that want to transition to a circular product offering can follow these four steps: Close, Improve, Monetise, Excite the loop.

sustainable fashion

CIKIS 2021-11-05

Fashion and sustainability: awareness and challenges among Italian fashion businesses

The pandemic and the alarming climate change triggered the re-evaluation of companies’ priorities, leaving increasing space for sustainability. This Report focuses on fashion industry challenges with regards to the sustainability transition process, aiming at helping companies – which have already reached a considerable level of awareness – to understand how to preserve their competitiveness.

sustainable fashion

Dario Grünenfelder 2021-11-03

Rethink the textile industry from the roots

Dario Gruenenfelder, founder of Muntagnard, focus on fashion supply chain transparency and talks about how business success and sustainability do not need to contradict each other: generating more value by reusing and recycling in the textile industry.

corporate sustainability

Maryna Grytsenko 2021-10-28

What is Corporate Social Responsibility today?

Individuals’ daily behaviours have an environmental impact, whose negative consequences are often only visible in the long-term, when it is too late. Even the smallest individual action leaves a footprint. If positive or negative, it is up to us. Of course, this is true for business as well. That’s why companies are increasingly including CSR within their business agenda, often as the result of consumers asking for brands and companies’ greater involvement in societal and environmental issues.


Ryan Edwards 2021-10-27

How the ecosystem approach looks like in Agri-food innovation.

Ryan Edwards, co-founder of Naked Innovations, operates in the sector of Agri-food sustainability, supporting startups and their collaboration across the food industry.

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circular economy

Patricia Matzdorf 2021-10-20

Circular Economy strategies to address the 9 planetary boundaries

Patricia Matzdorf is a Partnership and Project Manager in Innovation & Socio-Economic Change at WWF, Switzerland, where they support all of those who are trying to find solutions for the planet, helping them to increase their impact and their visibility.

circular economy

Lu Ying 2021-10-14

Why the New Model of Business is Regenerative by Design

Discover the unexplored economic advantage of new regenerative business models: instead of extracting resources for a transactional chain, materials once produced can be turned into a renewable resource and reused.

sustainable finance

Anthony Swain 2021-06-17

Sustainable Finance: what, how and why

For decades, finance and sustainability have been considered as two uncorrelated, if not antithetical, topics. In recent years, growing climate risk for companies and environmentally concerned investors.

Alessandro Galimberti 2021-03-11

Universal access to clean cooking: a hot matter but cold topic

Although the sector is still in its early stage, clean cooking is one of the most promising technological fields in the fight against climate change.

climate policy

Rosa Manzo 2021-03-09

A call for an equitable climate change regime

The climate debate, and the climate negotiations, have from an early stage centered on the issue of equity. So, why is that so? 

sustainable finance

Maria Eugenia Filmanovic 2021-03-03

Three approaches for sustainable finance

Sustainable finance is a trend that has undoubtedly taken on greater importance in recent years, thanks to the growing involvement of large investors worldwide. These are financial actors looking for investment opportunities in companies or funds, designed to create value both for the investor – in the form of a financial return – and for society as a whole – by contributing to the achievement of a sustainable agenda focused on inclusive growth and/or climate wealth over the long to medium term.

climate policy

Federica Rizzo 2021-02-15

EU Green Deal: challenges and opportunities for industry

On 11 March 2020, the European Commission presented the new Circular Economy Action Plan (“CEAP”) for a cleaner and more competitive Europe, as one of the main building blocks of the EU Green Deal.


Simone Prato 2021-02-02

The AfterMeat - Who is writing the future of food

As human societies have evolved over time, from hunter-gatherer communities to highly sophisticated and industrialized agricultural systems, meat has always been present in our diets, regardless of geographical location or social status.

clean energy

Simone Prato 2021-01-19

Supercharged: the rise of Energy Storage

The last 18 months have been quite a rollercoaster for the Energy Storage (ES) industry too. But 2020 is set to be a rebound year, for multiple reasons.

corporate sustainability

Simone Prato 2021-01-19

The case for climate-resilient businesses

As Climate Change effects increase in their harshness and visibility, it is time for Business to carefully evaluate their relationship with the environment - discovering how to turn potential risks into opportunities.

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