no challenge poses a greater threat to future generations than climate change

Well then, challenge accepted.

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Dario Grünenfelder 2021-11-03

Rethink the textile industry from the roots

Dario Gruenenfelder, founder of Muntagnard, focus on fashion supply chain transparency and talks about how business success and sustainability do not need to contradict each other: generating more value by reusing and recycling in the textile industry.

Ryan Edwards 2021-10-27

How the ecosystem approach looks like in Agri-food innovation.

Ryan Edwards, co-founder of Naked Innovations, operates in the sector of Agri-food sustainability, supporting startups and their collaboration across the food industry.

Patricia Matzdorf 2021-10-20

Circular Economy strategies to address the 9 planetary boundaries

Patricia Matzdorf is a Partnership and Project Manager in Innovation & Socio-Economic Change at WWF, Switzerland, where they support all of those who are trying to find solutions for the planet, helping them to increase their impact and their visibility.

Lu Ying 2021-10-14

Why the New Model of Business is Regenerative by Design

Discover the unexplored economic advantage of new regenerative business models: instead of extracting resources for a transactional chain, materials once produced can be turned into a renewable resource and reused.

Anthony Swain 2021-06-17

Sustainable Finance: what, how and why

For decades, finance and sustainability have been considered as two uncorrelated, if not antithetical, topics. In recent years, growing climate risk for companies and environmentally concerned investors.

Alessandro Galimberti 2021-03-11

Universal access to clean cooking: a hot matter but cold topic

Although the sector is still in its early stage, clean cooking is one of the most promising technological fields in the fight against climate change.

Rosa Manzo 2021-03-09

A call for an equitable climate change regime

The climate debate, and the climate negotiations, have from an early stage centered on the issue of equity. So why is that so? 

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Federica Rizzo 2021-02-15

EU Green Deal: challenges and opportunities for industry

On 11 March 2020, the European Commission presented the new Circular Economy Action Plan (“CEAP”) for a cleaner and more competitive Europe, as one of the main building blocks of the EU Green Deal.

Simone Prato 2021-02-02

The AfterMeat - Who is writing the future of food

As human societies have evolved over time, from hunter-gatherer communities to highly sophisticated and industrialized agricultural systems, meat has always been present in our diets, regardless of geographical location or social status.

Simone Prato 2021-01-19

The case for climate-resilient businesses

As Climate Change effects increase in their harshness and visibility, it is time for Business to carefully evaluate their relationship with the environment - discovering how to turn potential risks into opportunities.

Simone Prato 2021-01-19

Supercharged: the rise of Energy Storage

The last 18 months have been quite a rollercoaster for the Energy Storage (ES) industry too. But 2020 is set to be a rebound year, for multiple reasons.

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