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How effective is your communication on Sustainability ?

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Learn all the essentials to define your company sustainability goals and communicate them in the best way possible.

What you will learn

  • The EU climate challenges for European companies
  • How to start defining your climate goals, strategy and partners
  • Why it is important to communicate correctly
  • The correct approach to express your goals in your brand communication

What you will gain

  • Tools and enablers to measure and achieve your climate goals
  • Principles, best practices and examples to correctly communicate sustainability and prevent unintentional greenwashing
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  • Alice Casiraghi

    Alice Casiraghi

    Circular economy specialist, UX, and systems designer, is co-founder of Future Urban Living, a circular strategy company helping decision makers transition towards regenerative business by design.

  • Alice Casiraghi

    Serena Moro

    Founder and Sustainability Consultant with a focus on the fashion sector in Cikis. It has a proprietary fashion-specific framework and guides companies from strategy to implementation.

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