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>>> For manufacturing industry and consumer goods companies

Use design thinking to reduce your waste to zero today

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In your free meeting you will understand how design thinking processes can be used to map your value chains and reduce waste.

Who is Future Urban Living

  • At FUL we make the future circular, by design
  • We are a design and strategy studio specialising in circular economy solutions and new ways of creating value in the age of exponential change
  • We support companies in the whole sustainable transition: from defining their roadmap, finding creative waste reduction strategies, and in partners procurement to enable waste reduction


  • You will learn the Design Thinking process we use to map and create solutions to reduce waste
  • You will learn how to apply the process to your company operations, and define a roadmap to waste reduction
  • You will have access to our open-source tools for creating circular businesses
We've worked for

We have experience working with corporations, cities and startups in developing circular business models and innovative designs that enable waste reduction.

We have designed circular business models for the industries of consumer goods, industrial manufacture, and city food systems.

Our Systemic Design Thinking tools for the Circular Economy have been used in Poli.Design, EPFL, Singapore Design Week, and have been featured by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

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Forest Valley mission

We bring founders, scientists, corporates and public authorities together from all over the world to match ideas with action, connections to collaboration and problems to solutions.

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