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Future-proof your business meeting startups with climate solutions.

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6th October 2022

Maximize the value your corporation can offer your stakeholders, thanks to innovative solutions that will help your business dealing with risk-mitigation and fully integrating ESG into your strategy and operations.

why climate transition is essential for your company’s SURVIVAL


of global emissions

Leading up to COP26, a total of 64 countries have pledged or legislated achieving net zero in the coming decades. All EU countries are part of it.


GlOBAL ENErgy demand

Global fossil-fuels demand is projected to peak between 2023–2025, accounting for a dwindling share of energy use, with oil production dropping by 55 percent and gas production by 70 percent in 2050,

13 T

annual sales by 2030

The most profitable opportunities have emerged in fast-growing niches such as recycled plastics, meat substitutes, sustainable construction materials, and chemicals, where margins can be 15 to 150 percent higher than usual.

*source McKinsey Sustainable

Why attending the DEMO DAY

  • External shocks force companies to adapt rapidly unless they have an ESG framework that is derived from an advanced strategy
  • Anticipating risks and embrace opportunities, considering what value stakeholders have at stake
  • Meeting the technical requirements of each of the E, S, and G components is hard, but solid solutions in climate tech can help your business achieve them

HOW we will support your business growth

  • Sustainable solutions accelerated through our training program to boost your business innovation
  • Leverage on our Team of sustainable experts to integrate our solutions into your business strategy model
  • Keep you in the loop with the most promising startups from all over Europe adherent to your business requirements, needs and expectations

what you will do, in a NUTSHELL

  • Meet the Startups: during our online event you will see the Sales Pitch presentation of our trained startups
  • Schedule a 1 to 1 meeting: curated meeting with one or more Startups you are interested in after the Demo Day
  • Get matched: find new disruptive opportunities to make your business excel in making profits out of value
the SOLUTIONS WILL SEE at the NEXT demo day

For every batch we scout startups on different industries.
Here the solutions you will meet during this Demo Day

Solutions Overview

Download the Startups list to discover the climate solutions accelerated through the Sandbox Program from the current and the previews batches.


Don’t miss the opportunity to discover outstanding sustainable solutions with climate impact and achieve your business net zero ambitions.


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Forest Valley mission

We bring founders, scientists, corporates and public authorities together from all over the world to match ideas with action, connections to collaboration and problems to solutions.

What they say about us

  • the sandbox program was a good opportunity to improve our presentation
    Greentech Innovators
  • Really useful and interesting, it improves your potential and changes your point of view about your project
  • The best thing is seeing the impact that innovation brings to climate change and the selection of startups at the demo day was very valuable.

Our investors and partners

READY TO undertake your COMPANY’S sustainable transition with us?

READY TO undertake your COMPANY’S sustainable transition with us?