We accelerate the sustainability transition of our industries through innovation

We fight climate change from the supply chain side

At Forest Valley, we connect emerging climate tech solutions to investors, corporates, and the public sector.

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Are you a Startup in Climate Innovation?

Get your solution matched with who needs it.

Being an early stage startup in the climate innovation space is not that easy: from access to fundings, to regulatory barriers and go-to-market, many are the daily challenges to deal with.

The Sandbox Program is a free vertical program designed to meet the specific needs of early stage B2B Startups with a focus on Climate Impact.

Are you a corporation?

Innovate your organization through climate tech solutions.

We support your business sustainability transformation through corporate training, open innovation projects, and by connecting you to the most cutting-edge climate solutions in order to reduce your environmental impact.

Are you an investor?

Invest in climate tech startups with proven positive impact.

Increase your deal flow with the most promising European B2B climate tech startups in fundraising phase from pre-seed, seed and series A rounds.

Are you a Public Administrator?

Discover innovative climate tech solutions for building sustainable cities.

We support public organizations with open innovation solutions in order to build a more sustainable and resilient cities.

What we do


We help managers understand sustainability frameworks and how to implement new technologies in their supply chains.

Climate Innovation

We help companies frame their needs and goals and support them in finding the right solutions for their sustainability problems and pledges, among emerging climate technologies.

Climate Tech

We offer tech scouting activities to find a viable solution among emerging climate technologies.
We support corporations in structuring their CVC and open innovation arms, as well as curate the complete outsourcing of these activities.


We scout, select, and train the most promising emerging startups with proven B2B climate solutions/ technologies and connect them with relevant stakeholders in the field, to boost their growth and accelerate their climate impact.


We help startups raise funds through our network. We are now incorporating an investment vehicle to start investing ourselves or through our angel syndicate.

Journal &

We give voice to climate innovators and climate tech startups, showcasing how their solutions are reducing environmental impact through real case studies.

Meet our Startups and discover their
climate tech solutions

Energy Efficiency

A nano-silicon and graphene technology for increased lithium-ion battery efficiency

Food Chain Sustainability

A fish and dairy quality and traceability solution from harvest to store

Water Management

Sludge pretreatment technology that significantly increases biogas generation

Food Chain Sustainability

A bioprocessing solution that upcycles biowaste, extracting sugars, fats and proteins

SaaS Sustainability Management

An online platform connecting OEMs, buyers, and 3D printing service providers

Renewable Energy and Infrastructure

Autonomous drone solution for asset inspection in the energy industry


Highly efficient electrolysis and fuel cell systems for hydrogen production

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