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An expanding portfolio of European B2B startups whose climate solutions and technologies have a proven positive impact where it is most needed: supply chains.

Energy Efficiency

A nano-silicon and graphene technology for increased lithium-ion battery efficiency

Food Chain Sustainability

A fish and dairy quality and traceability solution from harvest to store

Water Management

Sludge pretreatment technology that significantly increases biogas generation

Food Chain Sustainability

A bioprocessing solution that upcycles biowaste, extracting sugars, fats and proteins

SaaS Sustainability Management

An online platform connecting OEMs, buyers, and 3D printing service providers

Renewable Energy and Infrastructure

Autonomous drone solution for asset inspection in the energy industry


Highly efficient electrolysis and fuel cell systems for hydrogen production

Energy Efficiency

A unified data platform for the full digitalisation of maritime fleets

Renewable Energy and Infrastructure

Advanced EV charging and safety monitoring system for passenger vessels

Alternative Proteins

A plant-based, sushi-grade raw seafood alternative

Energy Efficiency

Waste heat-capturing technology geared to decarbonise cooling and the cold chain

Risk Mitigation

A weather risk management platform limiting construction companies' climate cost