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As public pressure mounts for companies to address sustainability issues stemming from their business activities, a critical hurdle arises: the lack of widespread expertise and environmental awareness within organizations.

To bridge this gap, proactive measures must be taken to cultivate knowledge, build awareness, and empower employees to drive sustainable practices throughout the corporate landscape.

Empowering Sustainable Business
Practices: the key to resilience


Aligning values with consumers and stakeholders’ growing focus on sustainability

Business risks

Identify and address environmental risks, enhancing business resilience and adaptability to future challenges

Risks Mitigation

Anticipate climate-related regulatory framework changes, ensuring compliance with environmental standards and mitigating the risk of penalties


Identify new opportunities for resource optimization, waste reduction, and increased operational efficiency, leading to streamline processes and cost savings

We design, organize and run corporate training programs on the most urgent topics in climate innovation, sustainability and circular economy leveraging our network of experts and professionals in the field to equip companies and organizations with essential skills for navigating the complexities of sustainable business practices.

Our courses can be fully customized to your needs whether you are a public or private organization, based in Italy or abroad. The programs can be taught either in English or in Italian.

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Who is sustainability training for?

In today's rapidly changing world, corporate training has taken a transformative turn, with sustainability training emerging as a crucial component. Executives, at the helm of their organizations, hold the key to driving positive change and spearheading sustainable practices. By equipping them with the necessary skills and expertise, sustainability training enables executives to tackle environmental and social challenges head-on, while effectively managing risks and integrating sustainability into their business strategies.

With the ever-growing importance of sustainability, managers often face the complex task of balancing economic, environmental, and social goals, both in the short and long term. However, through targeted training, they gain invaluable competencies that enable them to navigate these trade-offs seamlessly. Sustainability training empowers executives and managers to become transformational leaders, inspiring change throughout their entire business structure.

Sustainability training empowers employees with knowledge and skills to address challenges, make informed decisions, and contribute to the organization's sustainability strategy. It fosters engagement, collaboration, and innovation while enhancing the company's reputation for responsible practices.


Of workers affirms that it is extremely important for them that businesses prioritize sustainability practices


Of workers are actively seeking an employer that demonstrates a commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibilities

*source The Esker 2023 Survey: Sustainability in the Workplace

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We design custom sustainability courses based on your specific needs and goals. These comprehensive training programs encompass a wide range of crucial topics, ensuring that your organization is equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to drive sustainable practices effectively. Our course offerings can be customized to include the following essential subjects:

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