Climate Innovation services for Corporates

Future-proof your business with open innovation projects for your corporate sustainability

We support your company’s sustainability innovation by helping you frame your needs, identify your strategic goals, and find the right solutions through climate technology scouting and corporate venturing.

Why open innovation

The climate transition of our industries demands high levels of innovation in companies’ products, services and business models, while dealing with the complexity of climate technologies and solutions.

An open approach to corporate innovation allows companies to achieve their sustainability goals in a more efficient and faster way, while lowering R&D and innovation costs.

We support corporates’ sustainability innovation, by designing ad hoc inbound open innovation projects to help them efficiently solve their sustainability challenges, through networking, interaction and collaboration with climate tech startups.

Why collaborating with
climate tech startups

1. New, Disruptive Ideas and Expertise

The development of climate solutions and technologies requires a large number of resources, technical skills and specialized personnel. By collaborating with startups, you can get access to a large pool of external ideas, breakthrough innovations, expertise and technical skills in the climate space.

2. Reduces R&D and Innovation Costs

Internal climate innovation can lead to spending significant resources on in-house research and development, as well as investing substantial resources into untested ideas.
Get your hand on startups’ solutions with proven commercial traction and validated climate impact and technologies

3. Plug&Play Climate Solutions

Climate tech startups offer directly applicable solutions and technologies that can be easily integrated within your company structures and processes, to address your sustainability problems and pledges from the supply chain side.

4. Increased Agility and Speed

Compared to more structured companies, startups are more flexible and quick to adapt to changes and work around obstacles in the innovation process. Collaborating with agile realities allows you to reduce the risks associated with the internal innovation process and increase your ability to adapt.

Ready to implement climate innovation within your corporate strategy?

We design open innovation projects for
your corporate sustainability

We support you in every step of your climate innovation journey, starting from mapping your current sustainability level to identifying your climate goals, and finding the best solutions to achieve them.

Our Approach


Status Quo Analysis

We map and analyze your business' production processes, supply chain, and impact areas, to identify which ones have the most significant effect on the climate.
We evaluate your climate strategy and goals, and the challenges associated with transitioning to climate neutrality.

Inputs might include, but not limited to, materiality matrix and interviews with experts and managers of production units.


Definition of Strategic Climate Goals

We involve interested stakeholders and experts for each area, for the collection of needs, prioritization, and the discovery of unexplored possibilities.
Together, we define key performance indicators, objectives, and a shared roadmap.


Open Innovation Strategy

We identify strategic open innovation actions and their level of prioritization.
They might include:

  • Collaborations with Universities
  • Collaborations with research centres
  • Partners and solution scouting
  • Call4Solutions and Hackathon
  • Business incubators and accelerators
  • Corporate Venture Capital

We help you find the
right solutions and technologies

We support you in finding the right solutions for your sustainability challenges and commitments among emerging climate technologies, and we iteratively refine the search, based on your constant feedback


Get access to best-fit climate solutions and technologies.

We make corporate-startup collaboration easier and faster, by running curated climate technology scouting activities to help companies get in touch with the best climate solutions for their sustainability problem and pledges.

We scout and select startups with solutions that meet the identified corporate needs, we prepare and present them to the company. We prepare the collaboration (e.g., PoC development) and offer strategic support for the integration of solutions where necessary.

Corporate venture capital as-a-service

Increase your dealflow building a successful CVC arm.

We support corporations in establishing a dedicated corporate venture capital unit for sustainable venture investments and take care of outsourced activities.

We help you scout, identify, and evaluate potential climate investment opportunities through various channels, such as startup conferences, industry events, and networking events

Ready to launch your open innovation

Tell us more about your corporate needs and objectives, and we will design a custom open innovation project aligned with your strategic goals, to help you get access to best-fit technologies and solutions in the climate space.

Meet our Startups and discover their
climate tech solutions

Alternative Proteins

A plant-based, sushi-grade raw seafood alternative

Energy Efficiency

Waste heat-capturing technology geared to decarbonise cooling and the cold chain

Risk Mitigation

A weather risk management platform limiting construction companies' climate cost


A financing platform that streamlines the energy-efficiency improvement of homes

Renewable Energy and Infrastructure

An interactive visualisation tool to streamline energy transition developments


A data-driven service to decarbonise and de-risk residential properties

Blue Economy

Air-based technology to remove oil and plastic pollution in the seabed

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