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With climate change being the toughest challenge of our times, the stakeholder landscape is changing

Increasing government commitments to achieve the net-zero target by 2050, growing pressure from financial institutions, more transparent nonfinancial reporting requirements, and climate-minded consumers demands and preferences, require companies to make smarter climate-related decisions.

We help them boost their climate transition through supply chain innovation.

Why climate innovation is essential
for your company survival

1. Be innovative and meet investor expectations

According to 83% of global investors the development of innovative products, services, and ways of operating should be the top priority for business, with 73% seeing innovating new, climate-friendly products or processes as effective in preparing them for climate risk management.

2. Improve your nonfinancial reporting

69% of investors agree that it's important for companies to report the relevance of sustainability to the company's business model, but the majority - almost 90% - think corporate reporting contains unsupported sustainability claims (i.e. greenwashing).

3. Make tour supply chain resilient

More than 40% of global CEOs expect some degree of impact from climate change in their supply chains, in the next 12 months, indicating supply chain disruption as a main challenge to profitability in their industry, in the next 10 years.

4. Be compliant with climate policies

The European Union Green Deal - which sets the intermediate target of reducing net greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030 - includes more than 1,000 new or modified levies. At a global level, are counted more than 1,400 environmental taxes and incentives across 88 countries and regions.

*source PwC - Global Investors Survey 2022,PwC - 2023 CEO Survey

Be at the forefront of your
industry's climate transition

Climate tech scouting & climate innovation projects

Get support for your climate innovation journey.

  • We help companies frame their needs and goals, and support them in finding the right solutions for their sustainability problems and pledges, offering them ad-hoc and customized tech scouting activities.
  • We support corporations in structuring their CVC and open innovation arms, as well as curate the complete outsourcing of these activities.

Meet our Startups and discover their
climate tech solutions

Energy Efficiency

A nano-silicon and graphene technology for increased lithium-ion battery efficiency

Food Chain Sustainability

A fish and dairy quality and traceability solution from harvest to store

Water Management

Sludge pretreatment technology that significantly increases biogas generation

Food Chain Sustainability

A bioprocessing solution that upcycles biowaste, extracting sugars, fats and proteins

SaaS Sustainability Management

An online platform connecting OEMs, buyers, and 3D printing service providers

Renewable Energy and Infrastructure

Autonomous drone solution for asset inspection in the energy industry


Highly efficient electrolysis and fuel cell systems for hydrogen production

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Demo Days with b2b climate tech startups

Stay current with the latest emerging climate tech solutions.

Through our Sandbox Program we scout, select and train the most cutting-edge European B2B climate tech startups. Book your seat for our next Demo Day to discover the solutions we accelerated in the last edition of the Program.

Sustainability training for corporates

Get the knowledge and tools to tackle sustainability challenges and adopt innovative solutions.

We design, organize and run specialized and customized corporate training programs on the most urgent topics in climate innovation, sustainability and circular economy to equip companies with the necessary skills to navigate the complexities of sustainable business practices.

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