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Giving voice to Climate Innovators

An editorial plan that gathers the latest insights from experts and organizations across the globe. Explore what’s happening in the European climate space today by browsing through our hand-picked selection of content.

Remi Charpentier 2022-07-08

Tackling environmental challenges through satellite imagery and artificial intelligence

Remi Charpentier told us how, with his startup Tesselo, he is trying to address the problems associated with the lack of a dedicated satellite imagery market for businesses.

Corporate Sustainability

Collectibus 2022-06-24

Sustainability reporting as a source of value: The case of Ferrari Trento

Collectibus supported Ferrari Trento - the Italian sparkling wine producer - to develop its first Sustainability Report. What are the corporate benefits of sustainability reporting? Why did such a consolidated market leader decide to disclose information about its commitment?

Corporate Sustainability

Nadia Paleari 2022-06-17

The role of companies and institutions in sustainability transition

Nadia Paleari, Brand Innovation Strategist and Global Partnerships & Events Project Officer at the UN SDSN, gave us an inside look at the Sustainable Development Solutions Network and talked about the possibilities for companies related to sustainable transition.

Jyotsna Budideti 2022-06-10

Satellite imagery, machine learning and cloud to develop impactful environmental solutions

Jyotsna Budideti, CEO and Co-Founder of SpaceSense, explained how with their solution they want to eliminate the need for specialized skills that would otherwise be required with the use of satellite data.

Waste Management

Ingmar Høgøy 2022-06-03

From organic waste to protein and omega-3s for aquaculture feeds

Ingmar Høgøy, founder and CEO of GreenTech Innovators, talked about how their solution leverages the circular economy model to extract value from waste substances.

Waste Management

Tommaso Troiani 2022-05-27

Waste management solution to up-cycle everyday unused items

Tommaso Troiani, Co-Founder at Byewaste, showed us how easy it is to recycle unused items that citizens normally do not know where to throw away.

Corporate Sustainability

Teresa Agovino 2022-05-20

Sustainable Tourism: the 1° free voluntary standard based on an international model for touristic operators

Teresa Agovino, CEO at Faroo, explained what it means to do sustainable tourism and how they managed to get the first free international standard to evaluate tour operators.

Circular Economy
Waste Management

Fabio Dalmonte 2022-05-13

Ocean plastics: from riverine waste to wealth

Fabio Dalmonte, CEO at Sea Defense Solutions, explains how their startup collects river waste to turn ocean plastic into wealth.

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Circular Economy
Business Model Innovation

Giacomo Zeni 2022-05-06

How to create sustainable protein from black soldier fly insects

Giacomo Zeni, co-founder of BugsLife, explained the steps leading to the creation of a sustainable protein: from bio-conversion of agricultural byproducts through black soldier fly insects.

Waste Management

Luca Medeghini 2022-04-29

The waste management solution for events and festivals

Luca Medeghini, the co-founder of AIRA, explains how their device is designed to sort waste at events by identifying it through a recognition system. It makes it possible to manage waste collection and improve the recycling rate.

Business Model Innovation

Shyaam Ramkumar 2022-04-22

The key role of networks between companies in spreading sustainable innovation

Shyaam - PhD in economic sociology from the University of Milan and an expert in innovation for the circular economy - in his latest research he focused on the role of embedded social and cultural dynamics within the networks between companies that adopted sustainable innovations.


Giovanni Boschin 2022-03-18

How Sustainable Farming and Agritech are Transforming the Rural Landscape

Giovanni Boschin, Agronomist at NeoruraleHub, illlustrates their philosophy in the promotion of a sustainable use of rural land through innovative solutions and collaborations with startups

Circular Economy

Alice Casiraghi 2022-03-10

Why We Need Design for the Circular Economy

Alice Casiraghi, from Future Urban Living, illustrates the role played by design in climate innovation, as it is needed for business transition towards the circular economic model.

Sustainable Fashion

Serena Rebecca Moro 2022-03-04

How can the fashion industry supply chain become sustainable?

Serena Rebecca Moro is CEO and Founder of Cikis Studio. It helps fashion companies to implement and communicate the most effective sustainability practices.

Noemi De Santis 2022-02-25

How an app can change people recycling habits

Noemi De Santis is the co-founder of Junker: an app that scans product labels and tells you where to throw them away, helping you to sort your waste easily, quickly and above all without mistakes.

Circular Economy
Business Ethics

Robert Gierke 2022-01-05

The method to transform your business purpose into a more sustainable and greener one

Rob Gierke and Purenessity: a consulting company that helps the process of building brands or their transition to a greener purpose. In the role of judge, there is the youngest generation: they expect companies absolute transparency and to make a significant contribution towards achieving a greater ethical goal.

Business Ethics

Thorsten Harstall 2021-12-29

How apply ethics to a sustainable business innovation

The question "How to apply ethics to sustainable business innovation?" was the starting point for Thorsten Harstall, who gave us a presentation on how ethics can be applied to different types of business strategies both for start-ups and established companies, and some useful tips on how to start a journey towards sustainable ethics.

Sustainable Finance

Filippo Zibordi 2021-12-22

Environmental organization - How to get fundings

Filippo Zibordi talks about Environmental Grants, a platform that supports professionals of environmental management and conservation to navigate the funding process.

Sustainable Constructions

Katerina Dimova 2021-12-16

Sustainable building case study: the use of rice for architecture

Katerina Dimova is Architect and Project Manager in Ricehouse, a startup born in Italy, that tackles the impact of the construction industry by creating new sustainable building materials from rice wastes.

Corporate Sustainability


The sustainability report in a nutshell

Although being compulsory only for certain business typologies, sustainability reporting is becoming more and more widespread among companies as a means to inform their stakeholders about their environmental impact and CSR activities. Indeed, a sustainability implementation report allows consumers to learn more about brands and companies’ behaviours, communicating a business’ transparency, honesty, and responsibility. Find out what sustainability reporting is and why is it important for any kind of company.

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