We envision a valley of Innovation, an ecosystem where we all have a future-shaping role to play.

At Forest Valley, we fight climate change from the supply chain side by promoting innovation in the way we produce goods and services.

Our goal is to accelerate this process by supporting companies and public sector during their innovation process, by connecting them with emerging climate solutions and technologies that can satisfy their needs.

Who are we

Our Mission

We bring founders, scientists, corporates and public authorities together from all over the world to match ideas with action, connections to collaboration and problems to solutions.

Our Value Proposition

Matchmaking climate challenges to solutions.

We find new ways of solving old problems by connecting startups in climate innovation with corporations and institutions to boost their sustainability transition process.

Our Vision

We believe that Europe will occupy a central role in global sustainable transition, leading the way into a climate positive world.

Our goal is to become Europe’s leading ecosystem of climate innovation.

What We Do


We help managers understand sustainability frameworks and how to implement new technologies in their supply chains.

Climate Innovation

We help companies frame their needs and goals and support them in finding the right solutions for their sustainability problems and pledges, among emerging climate technologies.

Climate Tech

We offer tech scouting activities to find a viable solution among emerging climate technologies.
We support corporations in structuring their CVC and open innovation arms, as well as curate the complete outsourcing of these activities.


We scout, select, and train the most promising emerging startups with proven B2B climate solutions/ technologies and connect them with relevant stakeholders in the field, to boost their growth and accelerate their climate impact.


We help startups raise funds through our network. We are now incorporating an investment vehicle to start investing ourselves or through our angel syndicate.

Journal &

We give voice to climate innovators and climate tech startups, showcasing how their solutions are reducing environmental impact through real case studies.

What Make Us Unique


We work to bring innovation where it can be more effective in the long-term.


We make sure that startups and companies we’ve supported, will have a true positive impact on climate-change.


We work to bring innovation where it can be more effective in the long-term.


We seek for common objectives alongside the support of our Partners.


We care about creating a network of the most promising Startups at European level.


We support your company looking for the best solution thanks to our skilled Team of experts in sustainability.

What Makes Us Strong

We are not merely an editor or consultancy, neither are we an accelerator. Our expertise and professional resources allow us to deal with climate change and sustainability from multiple perspectives, adopting a comprehensive and inclusive approach such as information, education, problem-solving and matchmaking.

We value collaboration and inclusion. Our strategy must encourage a two-way communication process and focus on engagement.

We differentiate and move away from traditional environmental consultancies, we are creative, innovative, future-oriented, and inspiring.
Our communication embodies the next generation value creation and thinking.
We are dynamic, young, and exciting.

We are a non-profit company, a network of professionals, entrepreneurs, investors, venture builders, designers and policy makers coming from many different industries with global mindset.

Forest Valley operations team

A complete team to manage all activities connected to Forest Valley.

Startup Screening technical board

A heterogeneous board to select startups with a robust tech and proven positive climate impact

Startup program mentors

A global team of mentors with a solid entrepreneurial background

Forest Valley catalyst team

A powerhouse team of entrepreneur, co-founders, and consultants qith dep expertise in fundraising for startups

What they say about us

Our Partners

Let's build together your sustainability future!