Harnessing Low Wind Energy: Grawindy’s approach

Published on 2024-07-05

Startup Story

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Witness Gonca Kara, co-founder of Grawindy, as she discusses their innovative technology, designed to make wind energy accessible and efficient for small and medium enterprises, especially dairy farm

Democratizing Wind Energy: The Grawindy Journey and Innovation

Our journey at Grawindy began with a simple yet profound observation by our co-founder, Atilla Öztürk, who, while watching laundry sway in the breeze on his terrace, realized the untapped potential of wind energy, especially at low wind speeds. This casual observation led to the pivotal question: why isn't this energy harnessed more effectively? This question became the foundation of Grawindy, aiming to make wind energy more accessible and efficient through our technology, which focuses on capturing energy from low wind speeds, a scenario where traditional wind turbines often fall short. Unlike conventional wind turbines that rely on high wind speeds and specific directions, our system utilizes oscillating panels that capture wind energy through a unique combination of gravity and wind dynamics, allowing us to generate electricity at wind speeds as low as three meters per second, significantly expanding the geographical applicability of wind power. Our solution addresses a critical gap in renewable energy generation by making wind energy accessible to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and industrial use cases, where traditional turbines are unsuitable. The transition from concept to execution involved extensive research and development, prototyping, and rigorous field tests to ensure our technology was both promising and reliable. Our core technology's advantages include lower installation costs, the ability to operate in a wider range of wind conditions, and the use of recyclable materials that are readily available and cost-effective, distinguishing our solution from traditional wind turbines. This focus on sustainability and accessibility ensures that our technology not only delivers on its promises but also aligns with broader goals of environmental responsibility and economic feasibility. At Grawindy, our mission is to democratize wind energy by addressing the limitations of existing systems and making our technology accessible to SMEs and small industrial applications. Our continued research and development efforts focus on enhancing the efficiency and reliability of our technology, ensuring that it remains a viable and scalable solution for a sustainable future.

Tailoring Wind Energy Solutions for Dairy Farms: Grawindy’s Approach and Collaborations

At Grawindy, we have identified dairy farms as a key niche market for our innovative wind energy technology. The dairy industry is a significant polluter with high energy consumption, particularly during early mornings and evenings. These times are critical because even though solar panels generate electricity, they do so only when the sun is at full power, failing to meet the early morning and evening energy demands. Additionally, energy storage systems for clean energy production are costly, and existing wind energy facilities are often too distant and expensive to benefit these farms effectively. This is where Grawindy’s technology makes a crucial difference. Our technology can generate electricity continuously over 18 hours, irrespective of the time of day, as long as there is some wind, addressing the peak energy needs of dairy farms. This capability ensures a reliable and low-cost clean energy source tailored to the unique demands of dairy operations.

The role of partnerships and collaborations is paramount in our strategy to improve and test our technology. Working closely with farmers, farmer unions, private companies, energy providers, utility companies, and government bodies allows us to tailor our solutions to specific needs and ensure effective deployment and widespread adoption. These collaborations are crucial for our growth as they help refine our technology and integrate it into existing energy ecosystems. Our solution can easily combine with other energy systems, such as solar installations or bioenergy facilities, providing a flexible and comprehensive approach to renewable energy for dairy farms. By relying on these strategic partnerships, we ensure that our technology is not only innovative but also practical and widely accessible, supporting a broader transition to clean energy in the agricultural sector.



Milestones and Challenges in Grawindy’s Journey Towards Renewable Energy Innovation

Since Grawindy's inception, our journey has been marked by significant milestones and formidable challenges. As a deep tech, high-risk, high-potential startup, one of our primary challenges has been the need for real-time field prototyping. Our core technology required extensive data collection and optimization, which couldn't be adequately achieved through simulations or existing wind energy testing facilities. This made field testing crucial but challenging, as it demanded substantial time and resources to enhance the efficiency of our solutions. Despite these hurdles, we have achieved several key milestones. Successfully optimizing our mini modules and reaching operational efficiency at low wind speeds were critical achievements. Establishing key partnerships, facilitated by programs like Forest Valley and various EU-based initiatives such as EIT Food, has been instrumental in connecting us with strategic partners and expanding our audience. These networks provided access to professional mentors who have been invaluable in guiding us through our journey. Looking ahead, our immediate goal is to scale our technology for broader deployment, particularly focusing on underserved regions and the dairy farming sector. We are also exploring collaborations with the mining industry. In the long term, we aspire to be at the forefront of the renewable energy revolution, contributing significantly to global sustainability efforts and enhancing green energy accessibility. This journey, while challenging, holds the promise of creating a substantial impact. We take pride in developing a European technology that supports the energy transition and decarbonization efforts, particularly in industries with a significant environmental footprint. The trust and support from our partners and the broader community are crucial as we continue to advance towards our goals.

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