Meet the Startups who joined
our sandbox program

An expanding portfolio of European B2B startups whose climate solutions and technologies have a proven positive impact where it is most needed: supply chains.

Space and Vision Intelligence

Sustainable flight system for earth data acquisition and broadcasting

Energy Efficiency

SaaS for buildings energy-efficient management

Emissions Capture

Filterless water-based Air Pollution Abatement (APA) and CO2 capture technology

Alternative Proteins

Automated and efficient process for industrial insect rearing

Renewable Energy and Infrastructure

Software supporting decision making for hydrogen projects and infrastructure

Food Chain Sustainability

Smart labels detecting temperature abuse throughout cold chains

Space and Vision Intelligence

Satellite and drone-based fields monitoring platform

Space and Vision Intelligence

AI-based visual inspection solutions enabling sustainable decision making

Risk Mitigation

Geospatial mapping solutions for environment monitoring

SaaS Sustainability Management

Digital platform for fabric waste offsetting

Space and Vision Intelligence

Vision inspection solution for manufacturing defects detection

Energy Efficiency

Platform enabling hotels and guests to monitor water and energy consumption